Class Descriptions

Ballet (Technique Classes)

Ages may differ with ability

Tiny Tots

1/2 Hour Class       Ages 3, 4

Level A

1/2 Hour Class       Ages 4, 5

Level B

45 Minute Class    Ages 6, 7, 8

Level C

45 Minute Class     Ages 8 - 12


Level D

1 Hour Class       Ages 11, 12


3 Hours of instruction / week     Ages 13 and up

Pointe Classes

Students beginning Pointe Classes are selected by our teachers on the basis of strength, placement, maturity and ability in technique classes.

Pointe A - Must be enrolled in Level D

45 Minute Class


Advanced Pointe - Must be enrolled in Advanced Technique

1 1/2 Hours of instruction / week

Musical Theatre

Ages 8-Adult, 1 1/2 Hour Class

Musical Theatre is our most popular class with a full-length Musical performance at the end of the year including all Musical Theatre students.

Lyrical Dance

Ages 12 and up, 1 Hour Class

No experience needed

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