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Seneca School of Performing Arts holds a high standard for class attire. We believe in modesty and uniformity. The grunge look will not be tolerated, i.e. ripped tights, holes in clothing, etc. Thank you for respecting our standards, and we will help with any questions you may have regarding our class attire.
For safety reasons, necklaces and bracelets will not be allowed in class.


Ballet 1- Ballet 2 - Ballet 3
Plain black leotard, light pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes. 
No attached skirts please.
Short dance sweaters are allowed in colder weather.
​Ballet  4
Any color leotard, pink or black tights or leggings.  No skirts, shorts, 
or any kind of pants  are allowed in these levels.
 Advanced / Company
Colored leotard, pink or black tights,  pink leather ballet shoes, or pointe shoes.
Skirts or shorts are allowed in these levels only. No sweatpants or bulky shirts.  
Trash bag pants must be rolled above the knee for class.

Modern Dance / Music Theater 

Modern Dancers and Musical Theatre students are allowed to wear whatever dancewear they wish, provided that it is modest. Teachers must be able to see the ankles and feet, so no long pants will be allowed. Please make sure dancewear is not baggy. 

Hair and Attire

A dancer’s hair is a very important part of their discipline.  
For ALL BALLET classes, hair must be up in a neat bun, secured with hairpins. Hair must not come down during class. If hair is not long enough for a bun, it must be secured in a pony tail.  Please make use of gel and hair spray in making a secure bun.
ALL MODERN DANCE  AND MUSIC THEATER classes, hair must be pulled back securely.
Students will not be allowed to participate in class with unsecured hair.